Donna Karan on Her Beauty Memories & Keeping Makeup Simple

Posted by PZ on June 25th, 2015


New York based fashion designer Donna Karan looks flawless at 66, and she has opened up on her memories of beauty and her own makeup routine. Donna reveals that her first memory of makeup was watching her own mother prepare in the mornings. She remembers that her mother would do intricate hair and makeup daily because she also worked in fashion:

”One of my earliest beauty memories is watching my mother put on her makeup every morning to go to work. She was a fashion woman, so it was always a lot of makeup, a lot of hair. And every Saturday, she went to the beauty parlour to get her hair done. Now, I’m the exact opposite. I very rarely wear makeup. I didn’t use a lot of products as a teenager, and I don’t now.”

Donna says she rarely applies makeup but when she has an event or photo shoot, she works with professionals to create a hair and makeup look. Donna thinks young people should enjoy experimenting with their look, but older women should stick to their signature style:

”At night I like to have dinner with friends or go out to a movie if I don’t have a work commitment. I don’t do anything to my hair or makeup during the day unless I have a shoot. But at night, for events, I often have to get it done. I think when you’re young and your skin is beautiful you should play. But when you get old, then you have to create a look. For makeup, I like to keep it simple.”

Speaking on taking care of her skin, Donna says she loves steamy beauty treatments and regularly uses oils and lotions to hydrate and lock in moisture:

“I’m very into steam rooms and baths. I don’t shower unless I have to. Baths are a way of life for me. I have a spa in every one of my homes, so I take a bath for as long as I can. When I get out of the bath, I put oil or lotion on my skin.”


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