Dog the Bounty Hunter Book Review

Posted by Tiff on August 10th, 2007


On Tuesday, Hyperion Books released You Can Run but You Can’t Hide by Duane “Dog” Chapman. The book tells the life story of the reality TV star and bounty hunter known worldwide for the capture of serial rapist Andrew Luster and his show ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ on A&E.

In reading the book one is propelled into Dog’s world from his perspective. From his childhood to his troubled years as a young man, you’re invited along for a very candid and honest look at his rights, and his wrongs. He details his time spent in prison following a conviction for first degree murder, and his decision to straighten his path into bounty hunting. He also talks about his children, his wives, his faith and belief in God, and his road to becoming the man he is today. And, he details the capture of serial rapist Andrew Luster, which lead to his arrest (along with his son and brother,) and fight to avoid extradition that just ended over a week ago.

Overall, the book is a very easy read, but not for a younger crowd. There is some mature content, due to some language, drug use, and experiences. However, those who like the show will also like the book, and will find out things about his life he had yet to reveal.

Overall rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars.

Catch the latest special ‘A Man Called Dog’ on A&E August 14th at 9 PM EST.  

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