Dita von Teese Really, Really Likes Perrier

Posted by PZ on July 16th, 2010

Ah hydration, it’s a magical thing – and Dita von Teese seems to really enjoy getting refreshed – here is a new commercial for Perrier water which sees Dita seductively dump a bottle over her corset clad chest. It’s not that this is cheap, or that it’s weirdly pornographic – I think the thing that disturbs me the most is that Dita looks like she’s really enjoying all the watery attention. From the way she unwraps her dress to show off the lacy top and hold ups, to the lip licking, breast grabbing and water tasting that just seems nothing but weird.

This is certainly an attention grabbing advertisement – and if you find Dita von Teese to be attractive, this might just be the thing to watch while your jollying your roger. However, I don’t think I ever want to drink Perrier water again now that all I can think of is the look on Dita’s pleasured face, or how she probably got really turned on before the ad was made – because it really doesn’t look that much like acting.

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