Dita Von Teese Dresses Up to Furniture Shop in West Hollywood

Posted by PZ on January 16th, 2013


Stepping out to shop for some new furniture in West Hollywood amidst rumors that she’s dating a newly single Russell Crowe, modern pinup beauty Dita Von Teese looked as usual, dressed up for the occasion. Not a believer in rocking sweats and a messy bun, Dita always looks fiercely pulled together which is admirable considering the time it takes to always piece together another amazing outfit and it’s become an important part of her image to be groomed immaculately. For the outing, Dita paired a dressy trench coat with a coloured foulard scarf tied neatly around her neck. Completing the look with cateye sunglasses, pointy dark pumps and a glossy green crocskin tote, Dita does vintage style beautifully yet again.

With her signature ruby red lips and hair pulled back into a hairband (perhaps a slight cheat since it isn’t styled in its usual bouncy curls, but it works!), Dita is glamorous and effortlessly elegant. She doesn’t blindly follow fashion trends but always looks chic thanks to embracing a classic fashion sense that never grows old, especially as she often puts her own unique spin on things. Dita has already denied that she’s hooking up with Russell Crowe (it did seem like a strange combo, didn’t it? But weirder things have happened) and her style continues to make her as fascinating as ever – she doesn’t need that high profile romance anyway.

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