Dita Von Teese Believes “Glamour Doesn’t Have to be Expensive”

Posted by PZ on August 5th, 2014


41-year-old beauty Dita Von Teese has spoken on her flawless vintage inspired style and how it all began. Known for always being impeccably dressed and groomed (including her signature old Hollywood black tight curls and perfect red lips), Dita has spoken on why she puts in so much effort in to her look, even on a daily basis when she’s not attending an event. She commented that she always feels great when she’s dressed in a good outfit and also likes to look right for whatever she’s doing:

”Personally, I like to dress with care not just because it makes me feel good about myself, but because I think it’s important to set an example of decent manners by dressing properly for occasions.”

She may now own a wardrobe of amazing designer pieces both new and vintage, but Dita believes you can be just as glamorous on a budget because she first found her sense of style by buying old vintage pieces that didn’t cost much. She explained how her style developed:

”I enjoy dressing up and glamour doesn’t have to be expensive. I first started wearing vintage clothes because I couldn’t afford new ones. That’s where my love of retro style comes from.”

When it comes to looking after her figure, Dita reveals that she likes to attend Pilates class regularly and tries her best to stay in top shape because she feels good and also has more energy when she’s working out:

”I feel better about myself when I feel strong and I have more energy when I exercise.”


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