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Posted by Tiff on January 23rd, 2008



With the shocking news that actor Heath Ledger passed away today, released only hours ago, more details surrounding his passing have been released. Apparently, the actor had trouble sleeping following his portrayal of the demonic “Joker” figure in the follow-up to ‘Batman Begins.’ His housekeeper and masseuse found him this afternoon, lying face down on the floor, with pills near his body, said to be the prescribed sleeping pill Ambien, and an over the counter sleeping pill.

In an earlier interview he said:

“[It was] physically and mentally draining. I took one ambien and it didn’t work. i took a second and i fell asleep only to wake up an hour later.”

When paramedics arrived, Ledger, 28, was already in full cardiac arrest, and in spite of efforts to revive him, they were unsuccessful. TMZ reported the actor had suffered from a substance abuse problem, but had been clean for a year. Further, it has been reported that the police have thus far ruled his death “accidental.” However, an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. No suicide note was found, and it has been said Ledger had pneumonia. He was filming in London on Saturday, and had apparently returned to the City.

Michelle Williams,
the actress with whom Heath has a two year old daughter, Matilda, is reportedly “very upset,” and is on her way back to New York from Los Angeles, according to Anderson Cooper.

Regardless of how/why it happened, it’s a very sad thing, especially that Heath’s little girl won’t have a chance to know her father.

Other tidbits:

  1. Heath was also suffering from pnuemonia at the time that he died
  2. There were photographers outside the apartment building like crazy. I kind of think adding pictures of them wheeling out the body to photo agencies is sort of…tacky??
  3. The apartment wasn’t owned by Mary Kate Olsen. The confusion was made because she does live in the building, and the massuese called Olsens bodygaurd who is also an EMT.
  4. Heath did have a problem with substance abuse but has been clean for over a year.

Deaths usually come in threes…. Brad Renfro, Heath Ledger, and ? Scary, isn’t it?

Kim: Scary and weird. This being an accident makes it even more sad to me. And from the previews of The Dark Knight, you can really tell he poured so much in that role; I for one as looking forward to seeing the movie just for his part :/

* The photos above were taken on January 19th. Credit to ohnotheydidn’t.

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