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‘Dear teammates’ at Warriors reveals about Andrew Wiggins’ situation.

Last year, Andrew Wiggins’ vaccination status was the subject of a never-ending media spectacle for the Golden State Warriors. But they have been successful so far this year in keeping his ongoing personal situation secret…

The latest news on Andrew Wiggins’ situation

The Warriors swingman last appeared in a game on February 13 against the Washington Wizards, marking more than a month without action.

Before missing Golden State’s last 13 games (and counting), he had one of the best games of the season with 29 points in that contest.

Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr have addressed Andrew Wiggins’ absence, but neither has provided any details about what he’s going through or when he might return.

A recent report by The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson II quotes an anonymous player who confirms the seriousness of the situation, calling it “some real s**t,” which is understandable given the Warriors’ willingness to give him room to heal.

“They know why, inside that locker room. He has their grace. That says a lot.

“’What he’s dealing with,’ one player said, ‘is some real (expletive).’”

Due to their tenuous hold on a top-six spot in the Western Conference, the Warriors could use Andrew Wiggins’ offensive and defensive contributions.

But it’s clear that the players and coaches understand that there are some things that are more important than basketball and must come before a comeback to the court.

As of right now, their 36-33 record ranks them as the fifth-best team in the Western Conference.

The Warriors’ home record this season is typical of their typical seasons. With a record of 29-7 at home, they have the second-most victories by any team in the league.

Their season is a disaster, though, and it all started when they hit the road. They’ve only won 7 of their last 26 games away from home, third-fewest in the NBA behind the Spurs and Rockets.

“If we’re fine with it,” one player said, “and the people who pay him understand, then so should everyone else.”

It was hoped by both Steph Curry and Steve Kerr that he would come back for the rest of the season. Regardless, it’s obvious that the team cares most about Wiggins making it through his own struggles.