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16 Celebrities Riding a Jet Ski

Posted by PZ on May 5th, 2011

Some are on luxurious holidays, while others have taken a trip to the beach – all of them are riding a jet ski! Some stars take to the water like ducks – Beyonce looks surprisingly professional on the water, while we all knew that Justin Timberlake is a water baby at heart and does several […]

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15 Celebrities at the Beach

Posted by PZ on April 7th, 2011

When they aren’t working on films or recording music, celebrities are unwinding, shopping or partying! Here is a look at 15 stars who have chosen to do their unwinding at the beach, and have been spotted relaxing. Some have taken their kids along for a day out, others are sunbathing and some are cooling off […]

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6 Male Stars Covered in Tattoos

Posted by PZ on March 22nd, 2011

While many celebrities have gotten inked, there are some stars who clearly love accumulating body art, and have tattoos all over their body. Many of these stars can often be seen shirtless, showing off the artwork, while others have even gotten their tattoos on their faces and hands which simply can’t be missed!   Photos: […]

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David Beckham Confirms That Victoria Is Expecting A Girl

Posted by PZ on March 14th, 2011

They tried to deny it, but it looks as though Victoria and David Beckham can’t contain their excitement – David has confirmed that Victoria is expecting a baby girl. David confirmed the news to ESPN this weekend: “Obviously, we’re very lucky to be expecting again, and this is the first time I’m going to say […]

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Victoria Beckham Is Doing Great, Planning Baby Shower

Posted by PZ on March 9th, 2011

The Beckhams recently announced that they’re expecting another child, and David has said that Victoria is doing well at the moment and is still working even though she is pregnant. While on a visit to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, David commented that the whole family are excitedly awaiting the new arrival: “She’s great, she’s very […]

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Afternoon Links: David & Victoria Beckham Invited To ‘Royal Wedding’

Posted by PZ on February 21st, 2011

David and Victoria has been invited to the Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Gossip David & Victoria Beckham Invited To ‘Royal Wedding’ – [fitfabceleb] Shoe Horns and Corn Links – [ayyyy] Today in WTF – [raincoaster] Britney Releases a Snippet of Her Next Single “Inside Out” – [celebritybeehive] Angela Lansbury murders her whiskey – […]

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17 Celebrities Wearing Slogan T-Shirts

Posted by PZ on February 11th, 2011

Some have political messages, some funny jokes and others are even loud notes to the paparazzi – here is a look at the stars who have worn their hearts on their, er – t-shirts. Britney Spears believes she is the American dream,  Katy Perry announces she is happy and Jessica Simpson claims that real girls […]

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David & Victoria Beckham Planning Romantic Valentine’s Day

Posted by PZ on February 11th, 2011

David and Victoria Beckham, who are expecting their 4th child, are planning a romantic day for Valentine’s Day this year. The couple plan to spend time together in New York city, and will be happy to be together for the special day because it’s the first time they’ve been able to celebrate it together in […]

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17 Celebrity Louis Vuitton Lovers

Posted by PZ on January 28th, 2011

Louis Vuitton and celebrities go hand in hand: the fashion label had a past collaboration with rapper Kanye West, and stars such as Madonna have previously posed for their campaign, Louis Vuitton is a celebrity friendly label that stars have come to love, especially for their bags, luggage and accessories. Here are 17 stars who […]

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15 Stars Who’ve Had Cornrows

Posted by PZ on January 17th, 2011

Cornrows started life as a traditional African hairstyle but these days, cornrows are a popular celebrity hairstyle too and are a perfect way to hide greasy or un-tamable locks. Many stars have tried out this notoriously hard-to-wear style – some have made it work, and others simply haven’t! Here is a look at 14 stars […]

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18 Stars’ Airport Style

Posted by PZ on January 8th, 2011

From LAX to JFK – here is a look at stars as they take off and touch down at the airport – they all know the paparazzi will be waiting, and some dress accordingly, while others decided to put their comfort first, opting for easy to wear clothes for their flight. On the other hand, […]

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Victoria Beckham Breaks Down in Tears at Sporting Awards

Posted by PZ on December 20th, 2010

Victoria and David Beckham both showed their emotion while at the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year ceremony in London on Sunday night. David was honored at the ceremony, presented with a a lifetime achievement award. The soccer star received a 2-minute long standing ovation from the crowd in attendance, which left the star in […]

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Afternoon Links: David Beckham Hopes To Get an Invite to the Royal Wedding!

Posted by PZ on December 6th, 2010

David Beckham says he hopes to be invited to the upcoming royal wedding, and that Victoria would love to attend! Gossip David Beckham Hopes To Get an Invite to the Royal Wedding! – [celebritybeehive] Soundtrack for a Sulk – [raincoaster] Josh Duhamel: nothing without Fergie – [laineygossip] Willow Smith lights holiday tree with her crazy […]

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18 UNICEF Celebrity Ambassadors

Posted by PZ on December 1st, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker Following in the footsteps of stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Danny Kaye and Peter Ustinov, other stars have joined up with UNICEF to become goodwill ambassadors. These celebrities stay up to date about important children’s issues, visit various projects run by UNICEF and try to help save the lives of children in […]

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22 Famous Teetotalers

Posted by PZ on November 29th, 2010

Jada Pinkett Smith Not everyone in Hollywood celebrates their successes with a glass of champagne – here is a look at 22 famous celebrities who don’t drink alcohol. Some have previously battled with alcohol addiction and so have decided to give up, while other have simply chosen not to drink. From singer Akon to footballer […]

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David Beckham Found Sex Talk With Son Difficult!

Posted by PZ on October 28th, 2010

David Beckham has admitted that giving his son Brooklyn ‘the talk’ about sex was quite embarrassing, and in the end, Victoria has to step in. According to USmagazine.com, David just couldn’t do it: “It was more Victoria than me, I had to walk out of the room, because Brooklyn’s looking at me at the corner […]

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David Beckham Denies $10,000-a-Night Hooker Affair

Posted by PZ on September 22nd, 2010

David and Victoria Beckham are planning to sue In Touch after the tabloid ran a cover story claiming that David Beckham cheated on wife Victoria with a $10,000-a-night hooker. The allegations made include a report of a threesome, as well as unprotected sex. A rep for the couple has hit back, stating that the allegations: […]

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18 Male Celebrities With Long Hair

Posted by PZ on September 20th, 2010

There is something special about a man who can grow his hair just as long as any woman: luscious long locks are often sprouted by Hollywood stars, sometimes for a role, but sometimes just for the fun of it, to change their style up. Here is a look at 18 male stars, who’ve grown their […]

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16 Celebrities Who’ve Insured Body Parts

Posted by PZ on August 23rd, 2010

Some celebrities have body parts that define them and have taken the steps to make sure that those body parts are insured, just in case they ever lose them. Some celebrities believe their signature is their legs, while others genuinely make a living from theirs, like David Beckham, while others have insured their teeth, chest […]

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15 Male Celebs Showing Off Their Bodies

Posted by PZ on August 20th, 2010

Celebrities are obsessed with their bodies – while some might use surgery to enhance their looks, others work out and eat well – but all of them love to flaunt what they have. Here is a look at some male stars who aren’t afraid to show off their bodies, and don’t mind heading out topless […]

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16 Stars and Their Cars

Posted by PZ on August 16th, 2010

When you have the perfect mansion and are can’t find enough room to store all of your designer clothes – why not spend some money on an extremely expensive, showy car? Some of these celebrities have invested in their dream cars, while others have chosen to not flash their cash too much, and have gone […]

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19 of the Cutest Celebrity Kids

Posted by PZ on August 14th, 2010

Here is a look at the cutest celebrity kids in Hollywood – these kids have won the genetic lottery – talent and good looks have combined to make these gorgeous kids, who have been in the limelight since even before they were born. These kids can most likely be spotted with their famous parents, probably […]

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15 Celebrities Who Have Fears/Phobias

Posted by PZ on April 30th, 2010

Celebrities aren’t quite the super-humans we thought – it seems as though even they can suffer from a random fear or phobia. Some are common fears, such as the fear of flying, while others are more extraordinary, such as the fear of pigs, or a phobia of butterflies. Check out below for the full list! […]

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43 Celebrity Tattoos

Posted by Angela on April 20th, 2010

Body art is one of the hottest commodities these days.  It seems that tattoo artists are nowadays using their tattoo machines (also known as “irons“) on almost everyone, including celebrities.  Tattoos in particular are a huge trend among Hollywood stars.  Some are known for their many tattoos, but you might be surprised to learn about […]

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