David Beckham Speaks on Staying in L.A., Putting Family First

Posted by PZ on January 20th, 2012

David Beckham has spoken on his decision to stay in Los Angeles even though he has been given various other offers from teams to play in other parts of the world. He has now extended his contract with Los Angeles Galaxy and will continue to play with the team for another two years. David says that he is now putting his family first and they want to stay in Los Angeles because it is where they are happiest, although he admits they miss England:

“We’re English, so of course we miss London, we miss England. We’re very patriotic about our country as everybody knows, and we love going back there. But right now, we’re very happy living in LA.”

David says he feels young most of the time, although sometimes his age catches up to him:

“I actually didn’t know how to answer that question to be honest, but there are some mornings I feel twenty years old, and some mornings I feel my age.”

Continuing to speak on staying in L.A., David says that it was a decision made with the whole family and because his children feel so happy and at home, they decided to stay, although he did seriously consider his options:

“The whole family had a contribution in a way. We made a decision based on where our children are happy, where the place is that they’re most stable. We were aware of all the other offers, and at my age, to be offered some of the contracts that I did get offered – you know, you have to take them seriously and you have to look at all options. But like I said, our family have been so happy in the last five years living in Los Angeles and we wanted that to continue.”

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