David Arquette Is Handling Things Like A Grown-Up

Posted by Moxie on November 15th, 2010

You know, it was pretty inevitable that Courteney Cox and David Arquette would split. She was just too…what’s the word…immature for him, you know? I mean, you could see when they were together that he was just tolerating her childish bullshit, and there’s only so long you can be your spouse’s parent. The dignified way he’s handled this break-up has been really refreshing, too – there’s been no sad, pathetic, attention-seeking behavior that’s sure to be an embarrassment to everyone who knows him, including his young daughter; just a calm acceptance of his situation and a conscious decision to use these life-lemons to make tasty, non-crazy lemonade. You don’t see him going on radio shows and sharing waaaay too much information about his emotional state, or bragging about the people he’s banged since the break-up, or calling Jennifer Aniston to scream at her for causing the split.  Nope, he’s behaved like a regular gentleman – the most gentlemanly gentleman since Spencer Pratt, I do declare. And I, for one, commend him.

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