Daniel Radcliffe: I love Getting Beaten up. I Encourage People to Hit Me

Posted by PZ on June 4th, 2013


‘Harry Potter’ actor Daniel Radcliffe has strangely said he enjoys being beaten up. The actor says that his character in ‘Cripple of Inishmaan’ is slapped around regularly but he honestly didn’t mind it and though it was actually “brilliant”. He says he even encourages people to just come up to him and hit him if they feel like it:

‘I love getting beaten up. I encourage people to just hit me. The comedy in ‘Cripple…’ comes out of people being incredibly cruel to Billy (the ‘Cripple of Inishmaan’, a lame village idiot who wants to be a film star). One of his aunts slaps him around all the time. All of that getting beaten up stuff is brilliant. I encourage people to just hit me harder. The actress, Gillian Hannah, she’s not going to do permanent damage by smacking me in the head. She doesn’t like hitting people, understandably, but I’ve got her into it now, I think.’

Opening up on if he would ever return to a ‘Harry Potter’ role, Daniel says it would take a lot of convincing because he feels as though his career has changed since then and he’s had to work to make people believe him in other roles, so he thinks it could reverse his good work. However, he might be up for a cameo if it ever happened:

‘Even if Jo wrote a sequel, which is unlikely, I’d take a LOT of talking round. I’ve done so much work to establish myself as something outside that series I’d be really hesitant to go back. Even if they were set later in time. I’m 23, which is too old to be running round in a school boy’s cape. Because the theme parks are expanding there was an enquiry whether I’d do more filming from them and I was like: No, I can’t get away with that any more, I’d just look foolish. I’d never totally close the door for the reason that Jo’s a great writer. But no more school boy stuff. A cameo as Harry’s dad? That would be perfect!’

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