Daniel Radcliffe is Crushing on Ryan Gosling, Speaks on Not Being Gay

Posted by PZ on February 9th, 2012

Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he has a crush on Ryan Gosling – that is, a talent crush, because he thinks Ryan has done some amazing work lately and he really admires him. Daniel also thinks Ryan seems like a smart guy, which is something he’d be attracted to if he was gay:

“This year I have a talent crush on Ryan Gosling. I think he’s fantastic and you know he’d be nice afterwards. He seems smart. If I was gay I would go for a smart man.”

Speaking on his sexuality, Daniel says that isn’t gay, but had that moment in his teenage years where he wondered about his sexual orientation.He does feel comfortable saying when someone is attractive, which he feels doesn’t make him gay because he doesn’t actually want to be with a guy:

“I can quite happily say someone is handsome, good-looking and I can see why somebody would want to f**k them, but I’ve never felt that way about a man myself. There is a moment in your late teens when you ask yourself the question, ‘Am I?’ but I wasn’t.”

He admits that he is frequently asked if he is gay, but he takes it in his stride because he believes it is a compliment and doesn’t care what people think about him:

“People are still asking me about it. I’m straight. I think that’s why people still ask me, they’re fascinated that I really don’t give a s**t what they think. Frankly, if you’re a young, relatively successful actor and even slightly good looking, if people are not saying you’re gay, you’re not doing your job properly.”

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