Daily Themed Crossword Clues and Answers for May 30 2023

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What is the Daily Themed Crossword game ?

Daily Themed Crossword  is one of the most popular crossword apps on Android  and iOS developed by PlaySimple Games. Each day, you are assigned a crossword themed game along with a Mini puzzle. Choose from a wide range of themes such as Movies, Sports, Technology, Games, History, Architecture …

Daily Themed Crossword Clues and Answers for May 30 2023

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the Daily Themed Crossword puzzle for May 30, 2023

Clue Answer
Salsa or guacamole e.g. DIP
Smack ___ in the middle (exactly) DAB
Pupil’s place with two i’s IRIS
Manicurist’s target NAIL
Arendelle’s queen in Frozen ELSA
Bend the ___ (submit) KNEE
Lenny ___ American former basketball player who was NBA All-Star as both player and head coach WILKENS
Fish capable of electrolocation EEL
Befitting the situation say APT
Cyclops’s prominent feature EYE
forward (media player option) FAST
Beckenbauer German former soccer player who won the World Cup as both player and manager FRANZ
What a tree’s rings represent AGE
Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988 film) WHO
list (list of errands): Hyph. TODO
Information on a movie ticket ROW
Allow or permit LET
List-ending letters ETC
Great horned ___ (nocturnal bird) OWL
Tom ___ American former football player who won the Super Bowl as a player assistant coach and head coach FLORES
Canadian ___ singing reality TV show IDOL
Donkey Kong or King Kong for one APE
Went by bicycle say RODE
Papa’s better half? MAMA
hard fan (extremely loyal) DIE
Lendl Czech-American former tennis player who won 94 singles titles and went on to coach Andy Murray IVAN
-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania ANT
Care for as a garden TEND

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Clue Answer
Floppy ___ (obsolete computer storage device) DISK
Tehran’s country IRAN
Big heap as of laundry PILE
Salvador ___ famed Spanish surrealist painter DALI
The Voice coach ___ Shelton BLAKE
Make arrangements for as a wedding PLAN
Frees oneself of say RIDS
Affirmative cry of victory YES
Apple or watermelon discard SEED
-wed (one who just got married) NEWLY
on the shelf (Christmas tradition) ELF
who? (Talks slangily) SEZ
Quid ___ quo (favor for a favor) PRO
Just a ___ (little bit) TAD
Cochlea’s organ EAR
Hole-punching tool AWL
Isn’t ___ a lovely girl? SHE
Little one in a crib TOT
The First ___ traditional Christmas carol NOEL
Golden egg layer in a fable GOOSE
That’s absolutely disgusting! EWW
Joe ___ American former baseball player who has achieved over 2000 hits as a player and 2000 wins as a manager TORRE
Frog’s hello CROAK
Put a cap on? LIMIT
Slipper fillers FEET
Microsoft web browser that competes with Chrome EDGE
Comedian ___ Chappelle DAVE
Muscat’s country that borders Yemen OMAN
Prefix with fill to mean an area for garbage disposal LAND
Computing pioneer Lovelace ADA
Rolling ___ (baker’s tool) PIN

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