Daily Themed Crossword Clues and Answers for June 1 2023

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What is the Daily Themed Crossword game ?

Daily Themed Crossword  is one of the most popular crossword apps on Android  and iOS developed by PlaySimple Games. Each day, you are assigned a crossword themed game along with a Mini puzzle. Choose from a wide range of themes such as Movies, Sports, Technology, Games, History, Architecture …

Daily Themed Crossword Clues and Answers for June 1 2023

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the Daily Themed Crossword puzzle for June 1, 2023

Clue Answer
that glitters is not gold ALL
Put ___ on (limit): 2 wds. ACAP
lime pie KEY
Give ___ break!: 2 wds. MEA
Six-sided solid CUBE
Bottom of the shoe SOLE
2009 film starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela shot in South Africa INVICTUS
Gorillas in the ___ 1988 film starring Sigourney Weaver as Dian Fossey shot in Kenya MIST
Satisfy to excess as hunger SATE
Expanding Mongolian desert GOBI
College admissions stat: Abbr. GPA
Diamond 2006 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a diamond smuggler shot in South Africa BLOOD
Make a mess of (rhymes with notch) BOTCH
Hand out food and drink say SERVE
Opposite of post as a prefix PRE
Massive time span EON
Actress ___ Gadot who cameoed in Shazam! Fury of the Gods GAL
G.I. ___ (collectible toy) JOE
Major vessel from the heart ARTERY
Detection device on a submarine: Abbr. SONAR
Major conflict between 1914 and 1918: Abbr. WWI
Actress ___ Kudrow of Friends LISA
Take down ___ (humiliate): 2 wds. APEG
Mandela: Long ___ to Freedom 2013 movie starring Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela shot in South Africa WALK
Website address: Abbr. URL
Brass marching band instrument TUBA
Small earring say STUD
Buona ___ (Italian greeting) SERA
Slip-___ (easy-to-wear shoes) ONS

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Clue Answer
Who ___ to judge?: 2 wds. AMI
Contact ___ (eyewear) LENS
Molten rock from a volcano say LAVA
I ___ the terms and conditions ACCEPT
corners (take shortcuts) CUT
Snug as ___ in a rug… (comfortable): 2 wds. ABUG
Currency in Mexico PESO
Ornamental pond fish KOI
Ernie ___ South African golfer ELS
to be done (not complete) YET
Photographer’s request before a pic perhaps SMILE
Let ___ famous Frozen song: 2 wds. ITGO
Air rifle pellets BBS
Taiwanese laptop maker (anagram of race) ACER
The O in WHO for short ORG
Zoological term for eggs OVA
Ctrl-Alt- DEL
there done that! BEEN
Wheels Mattel’s toy cars HOT
Australian hopper with a pouch for short ROO
York Giants NFL franchise NEW
Singer Grande’s nickname ARI
Hotel ___ 2004 movie starring Don Cheadle as a hotel manager shot in the eponymous country RWANDA
Sharp bark YIP
-Seltzer (antacid brand) ALKA
Up the ___ (increase the stakes) ANTE
Continental currency EURO
Birth month for many a Leo for short AUG
Newborn baby-weighing units: Abbr. LBS
The Fault in ___ Stars (2014 film) OUR
Victor Hugo’s ___ Miserables LES

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