Cybil Shepherd

5 Stars Who’ve Been on Blind Dates

Posted by PZ on September 16th, 2021

Hoping to find love, these 5 stars all decided to give a blind date a go. Some were completely turned off by the experience and didn’t enjoy the company of the person they were set up with. Others surprisingly found love and were very happy with their date. Taking a risk and having some fun, […]

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Cybill Shepherd’s son, Cyrus, BUSTED at Philadelphia International!

Posted by Christine on January 12th, 2010

Nothing gets me more heated than rich people or offspring of rich people who do stupid things like this.  Boredom?  Preparing for a role?  Or are you just an A-hole?  I would go with option three but here it goes.  Cybill Shepherd’s son Cyrus Shepherd-Oppenheim was arrested at Philadelphia International Airport early this morning, police […]

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