Is Crystal Harris Smarter Than She Looks?

Posted by Edwin on June 21st, 2011


Most people look at Crystal Harris, the 25-year-old British model, singer, and Playboy Playmate (December 2009…as if you didn’t know)and think she is confused by such simple concepts as clout and opportunities. Many have started in on the dumb blonde jokes. But the way the situation played out, I have to give credit to Harris, or her manager, for pulling a pretty successful, albeit tired, publicity stunt.

Harris recently kicked Hugh Hefner, 85, to the curb just 5 days before their wedding, which would have taken place last weekend. Harris originally cited her fears that she “couldn’t be married to Hef and have a successful music career.”

This, from a girl who was once employed at the England-themed amusement park in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, which is, of course, the current home of the original London Bridge and annual hotspot for MTV’s in-depth Spring Break coverage.

In the days that have followed the break up Harris admits that she wasn’t comfortable with the Playboy lifestyle, always having women around, etc, and that ultimately, it wasn’t fair to Hugh. Hefner, she commented, was giving her the wedding because she thought that was what she wanted.

The real question however, is whether or not Harris realizes that Hef is one of the most connected and powerful men in the entire entertainment industry? You have to wonder if being ‘the lady that almost married Hugh Hefner’ will have as much pull as being Mrs. Playboy would have? Just think of the influence she could have.

The questions continued when rumors started going around that Harris apparently had plans all along to dump Hefner at the altar. Apparently, she saw more upside in creating a reality TV sensation, complete with massive tabloid magazine coverage, by literally “changing” her mind at the moment she was to accept Hef as her man, than she did in actually going through with the wedding.

Word has it she had secured a $500,000 “tell all” media deal, which was predicated with her walking away at the wedding, which was to take place on Saturday at the Playboy Mansion and to be filmed for a Lifetime TV special.  Now that things are starting to settle, Lifetime has announced that they are no longer proceeding with the special.

While many of us would have gladly taken Harris’s place for a cool $500,000 and taken the charade all the way to the altar, it turns out that Harris might not be as dumb as she looks. It’s possible Harris may have accomplished everything she set out to do.

The day after the news hit the internet, Harris’ single, “CLUB QUEEN,” was released online. Making waves with some sort of scandal right before an important release is beginning to grow a little old. The trend began with Janet Jacksons boob-vertising at Super Bowl 38 the month before “Damita Jo” was released. More recently, Chris Brown had a meltdown backstage at Good Morning America not long before his album F.A.M.E. was released, selling 300,000 copies in its first week.

Scandal for PR sake is probably only part of the equation, however. In addition to creating a buzz before the release, Harris and the label releasing her music, Organica Music Group, also got away with the bunny. Harris’ single features the iconic Playboy Bunny logo in the album artwork, a right usually reserved for Playboy produced music and merchandise. Very few have ever been able to license the bunny for a product that won’t pay into the mighty coffers hidden under the mansion.

That and she will still appear on the cover of July’s Playboy magazine, announced as the new Mrs. Hefner. As much as you might care to loath the Crystal Harris’ blatant gold digging, you have to hand it to her. She may have gotten everything she was after.

This guest post is by Edwin Daniels who blogs at USdish. You can also follow him on Twitter: @Edandish.

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