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Courtney Love Claims Frances Bean Was Offered Bella ‘Twilight’ Role!


Courtney Love has claimed that her daughter Frances Bean was first offered the role of Bella in the ‘Twilight’ series before Kristen Stewart. According to Love, a person behind the film saw Frances in a magazine and thought she had the right image for the role. They sent the script along and Frances read it. She then opted to turn it down because she thought it was “sexist” and a “piece of s**t”:

“When she was 13 she was offered Twilight, she was offered (the part of) Bella in Twilight. Someone just saw a picture of her in a magazine and sent me the script for Twilight. She was like, ‘That’s a sexist Mormon piece of s**t’. She was 13. It would have destroyed her life.”

Can you even imagine how different it would have been with Frances as the lead? She would probably be a lot richer and more famous, but it clearly wasn’t worth it for her. She recently made news for bashing a tweet by Kendall Jenner so she obviously isn’t one to cave in to celebrity culture and doesn’t want anything to do with it!