Conservatorship, Consmervatorship.

Posted by Rebecca on September 29th, 2010

Okay, so we know Lindsay’s in rehab, but what next?  I’ll tell you what.  Dina’s trying to milk even more money out of Linz’s lost youth.

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan arrived at the Beverly Hills, California court house on September 24, 2010 with a crowd of media awaiting to see what will happen with her violation. Lohan will answer to Judge Fox for about her failed drug test that may send her back to jail. Lindsay is supported by her mother Dina and her distant father Michael who are currently inside the court with their daughter. The parents have a battle of their own with a retraining order to keep Michael away from Dian, will she send him to jail for violating his restraining order?  Fame Pictures, Inc

According to the upstanding Mr. Michael Lohan, she’s definitely fighting for conservatorship.  Why, because who else but Dinah Mcsanity deserves legal control of his daughter’s well-being and finances?  Not that it really matters, though- last we heard Lindsay was peddling bikini pictures of herself for a mere 10 thou.  Lou Taylor, the braniac behind Brit Brit’s conservatorship, is said to be helping out with the whole shebang.


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