Clémence Poésy Directs First Fashion Film for Wren


French actress Clémence Poésy has shown off her directing skills, creating a new fashion film for Wren’s Spring 2015 collection. Working alongside the label’s head designer Melissa Coker and selecting actress Nora Zehetner to star in the film, Clémence has commented that she wanted the short film to tell a story, and also be quite funny and light:

“I like it when [fashion films] feel like little stories really – I never really thought we were making a ‘fashion’ film – and I don’t think that’s what Melissa is ever after, really. I think our main goal was to create something that wouldn’t take itself seriously; humour and tenderness had to be what came first – so we went for very simple pieces that where both playful and tickled a few references but only lightly.”

Clémence added that she was thrilled when Melissa said ‘yes’ to her idea of collaborating on the film because she has always admired the other films created by the brand in the past:

“I have known Melissa Coker for a long time now and have loved watching the little films made for Wren every season – so I sort of just asked her if I could try directing one – and she said yes.”

Speaking on casting another actress instead of appearing in the film herself, Clémence commented that it made sense to work with someone as talented as Nora, and she enjoys seeing other actresses work:

“Oh, because it’s so, so nice to look at others – especially when they are as talented and graceful as Nora Zehetner.”