Christina Applegate Wasn’t Obsessed With Losing Her Baby Weight

Posted by PZ on September 27th, 2012

Christina Applegate, who gave birth to a daughter Sadie Grace in 2011, says she didn’t obsess about losing her baby weight and she found it was almost impossible to shift. She candidly comments that not all the weight has come off even to this day, and she thus won’t be wearing a bikini, possibly ever again. Christina refreshingly says that this is something many mothers experience:

“I just transitioned out of maternity jeans. I’m working on two years and I haven’t even lost all my weight, And those girls that do, they’re spending less time with their kids. I just wanted to hang out with my daughter 24 hours a day.”

Christina admits she won’t be stripping off in the future and comments that although some naturally snap back to shape, it doesn’t for many and she thinks it’s a genetic thing:

“I will not be Tweeting photos of me in a bikini, let alone wear a bikini I think ever again in my life, for some people … it does just come off fast, no, I know. I know girls that just genetically it just drops off. I didn’t mean to offend the skinny people.”

Commenting on his daughter, Christina gushes that Sadie is smart and developing into a full person with an amazing personality and great interests now:

“[Sadie] is so remarkable, she is so smart. She’s just talking up a storm, dancing, she loves music and she loves bubbles, she’s just a whole human being and it’s awesome to watch her.”

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