Christina Aguilera’s Poor Attempt At a Comeback

Posted by PZ on May 1st, 2010

Christina Aguilera‘s new video for Not Myself Tonight has just been released. Some are calling the video too sexy, and a bad influence for children – but this bland, has-been attempt at evoking controversy by dressing up as a hoe and making it look as though she’s dancing mid-orgasm has made this whole video into some sort of tacky rip-off of what we’ve already seen before. Britney’s recent hit “3” saw Brit play the same card, but at least her look was original, and the sound bearable.  Christina’s Not Myself Tonight is hard to get into, doesn’t have a particular catch and she looks more tranny then Michelle McGee.

This is a laughable attempt at cashing in at the height of the Gaga craze, and is arguably her worse release to date. Let’s hope the rest of the album ditches this try-hard getup.

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