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18 Celebrities Who’ve Been Arrested in 2010

Posted by PZ on December 27th, 2010

Here is a look back at 18 stars who were arrested during this year – some have ended up serving jail time, while others were arrested for more minor offenses. One of the main causes of celebrity arrests were D.U.I.s – Heather Locklear and David Cassidy were two such stars who had a few too […]

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19 Celebrities Who’ve Been Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated

Posted by PZ on August 9th, 2010

With Lindsay Lohan’s recent stint in jail, we are all reminded that driving while intoxicated is a very serious issue – and one that lots of other celebrities have been arrested for in the past too! Nicole Richie has avoided jail time by attending her mandatory educational classes, while Khloe Kardashian spent a brief few […]

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Chris Klein Checks Himself Into Rehab

Posted by PZ on June 21st, 2010

After being caught while driving under the influence for the second time, Chris Klein, best known for his American Pie role, has checked himself into rehab. The actor will stay for a 30 day treatment in an alcohol addiction program based in Utah, and plans to stay longer if he doesn’t feel he’s ready to […]

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Chris Klein Arrested for DUI

Posted by PZ on June 16th, 2010

Chris Klein, most famous for his role in American Pie, was arrested for driving under the influence. Klein was seen weaving through lanes on a Hollywood freeway at around 3AM in the morning, TMZ reports. Klein was pulled over by a patrol officer and failed to pass a sobriety test, and was then taken into […]

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