Chris Brown to Appear in Court Today

Posted by Chrissie on March 5th, 2009


Well, it has been quite a shock that after the nasty domestic violence allegations against Chris Brown towards Rihanna that the couple have decided to continue their relationship. But yes, the police were involved with this one from the get-go, so despite the fact that they have decided to make googly bear faces at each other again, his legal troubles are far from over.

But, if you are concerned that he may get away with one of the most heinous acts a man can commit against a woman, well, I am sorry to report that this may actually happen. And the fact that they are back together is not going to help him at all when it comes to paying the consequences of his actions.
But today Chris Brown will appear in court and get the ball rolling on his legal woes, and there are a wide variety of things that can happen with this case. It will depend on the amount of evidence piled against him, and with Rihanna being a key witness of course, well, I just have a hunch that this may not go anywhere. Chris does not have a formal charge against him as it stands at the time of print, however this may or may not change.

And in fact, even today’s court appearance may not transpire depending on what the DA wants to do with his case. Todays date could be delayed pending more review for evidence, while the DA takes some time to mull the evidence, or lack thereof. If there is not enough evidence, the case may be handed to the City Attorney for a myriad of less serious charges.

There are many things that can happen today. He could be charged by the DA with a number of federal offenses, including domestic violence and making criminal threats. Each of these charges carries a maximum three years in prison. OR, they could simply file a number of felony charges and misdemeanours and he gets off fairly easy. If he is charged with a felony, he will be required to make today’s court appearance and enter his plea.

Now, if the DA decides they aren’t going to charge him with anything, then today’s court appearance will be a moot point and will be cancelled. At this point he will be asked to return to court at a later date as the case will be sent to the City Attorney for a review on misdemeanour charges. If this happens, he may not actually be charged with anything for days or even weeks.

What are the chances that Chris Brown will get felony charges? My guess is slim to none with this re-coupling. And is it any surprise that his getting back together with Rihanna happened just DAYS before his court appearance? Unless they break up, I don’t see this one going anywhere, and certainly not with any prison time. On the other hand, though this will be disappointing, nothing will change the fact that his reputation has been forever marred. He will always be the man that hit Rihanna no matter what charges he does or does not have to deal with.

What do YOU predict will happen here?


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