Chris Brown Says No to Kids Choice

Posted by Chrissie on March 12th, 2009

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Well, this is the official word that is out, but you have to know that this decision came with some pushing and prodding from the PR people that don’t talk to anyone but their client these days. Chris Brown has officially stepped down from his nominations for Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards, and I don’t for a second think this was his decision.

Chris was up for favourite male singer and favourite song with ‘Kiss Kiss’ but my hunch is that someone up above him decided that having a woman beater win an award on a children’s program wasn’t exactly good PR. That’s just my hunch. He’s not only taken himself out of the running, but simply won’t be attending at all. Something that I am sure is bringing a collective sigh of relief from other attendees.
And the PR rep has spoken on this very issue:

“Chris very much appreciates the support of his fans and the honor they have paid him in the way of nominations for Favorite Male Singer and Favorite Song. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding the incident last month has shifted the focus from the music to whether he should be allowed to be among those nominated.”

Yes, the focus has shifted all right. And to make it look like ‘whether he should be allowed’ to be nominated as a tiny little concept I think is kind of misconstrued. I see the point with if he has talent, he should win the award, but let’s remember this is a Kids Choice Awards program. So no, he should not be allowed to be among those nominated considering ‘the incident’ that turned him into this generation’s Ike Turner. Again, that’s just ME though!


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