Chloe Sevigny Intimidates Men, Speaks on Relationships

Chloe Sevigny has been told she often intimidates men on the first date, although she does believe that some men are not themselves at the beginning of a relationship because they’re trying to act cool in the hopes of impressing. Chloe often freaks out men when she offers to pay for her half of dinner because they think she’s showing off that she’s got money:

“My friends are always telling me I’m intimidating. My dates are probably not being themselves on the date – they’re trying to be cool. And I think it’s still a problem if a woman earns more than a man. I try to pay for half of dinner and a guy will behave as if I’m trying to prove I have more money than him.”

Chloe also feels that her work often stops her from finding the perfect man, because they have to be open to traveling and be willing to be quite flexible. She comments that she has to take this into account when dating a guy because of her age:

“(They) have to have job flexibility and be able to travel when I’m away filming. If they’re tied down in New York it’s going to be difficult because of my lifestyle. If I’m in Manchester for six months he has to be able to get on a plane and come visit me. You know, at my age, you have to consider these things instead of just being spontaneous.”