Chloe Sevigny “Cried Every Day” While Wearing Fake Penis

Actress Chloe Sevigny has commented on how it felt to wear a fake penis on the set of new TV series ‘Hit or Miss’, in which she plays the part of a pre-op hitman. Chloe said that wearing the penis greatly upset her, and during the filming she questioned her attractiveness and even felt lonely:

”I cried every day when they put it on. You know, I’m ample-chested and I have this on. I felt very exposed, and it was hard, very hard, having people so close to your personal parts anyway – who you’re not sleeping with – for an hour-and-a-half each day, to put it on. Then looking in the mirror… it was weird. I was lonely and I felt really unattractive. I was confused about my desirability – was I desirable? – in having put that on, and having men see me with that on.”

Chloe, who has previously given a real blow job on film for her role in ‘The Brown Bunny’ counts this new role as one of her most extreme, and hopes that the audience can recognize her and believe her in the part:

”I think it might be one of the most extreme roles I’ve done, yes. I’ve never really worked with prosthetics. I’ve never done any fantasy or anything weird. Then again, if people can believe what’s her-name in ‘Avatar’, hopefully they can believe me as a pre-op.”