Cher Lloyd

5 Celebrities Who’ve Over-Plucked Their Eyebrows!

Posted by PZ on July 18th, 2013

There is nothing more instantly trashy looking than an over-plucked eyebrow (besides a drunken wardrobe malfunction that is) – it screams ‘Real Housewife’ or ‘drag queen in the making’ depending on the style in which the brow in question is over-plucked. Brooke Shields, Jennifer Connelly and Cara Delevingne are where it’s at – the bushier […]

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Jay-Z Signs X Factor Star Cher Lloyd

Posted by PZ on December 30th, 2010

Cher Lloyd may not have won the X Factor this year, but she did manage to impress both Jay-Z and, who rushed to sign the rapper/singer once the competition was over. Although Cher only came 4th in the competition, it was clear that she would be signed when after performing alongside Cher, promised […]

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Cher Lloyd at the Christmas Catwalk Show

Posted by PZ on November 26th, 2010

X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd made an appearance at the Christmas Catwalk Show, dressed up in strange tutu style dress teamed with a pink head-band and a pair of colourful strawberry print boots. This is one of the strangest outfits I’ve seen in quite some time: it just doesn’t come together at all – […]

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