Coral Reef: Celebs rocking Coral

Posted by Sharaia on May 19th, 2011

Cheryl Cole

What is so great about this spring season’s color coral? Well it allows you to access the multiple personality nature of fashion, where you can project styles of both sweet and sexy all at once. Coral is the one color that adds pop to an outfit, when constructed correctly. Like the colors magenta, lime green, yellow, and neon blues, this shade of orange demands attention and should stand alone as one specific item in an outfit. Usually best pared with settle colors like nude, black and white, coral doesn’t do too well if other spectacular colors are fighting for attention as well.

Which celebs do you think wore this trend the best?

Amy Smart

Kate Bonsworth

Eva Longoria

Marcia Cross

Photos: INF

I’ve got a hunch that Eva won this round. Her esemble proves that simplicity = chic.

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