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10 Kim Kardashian Fashion Faux Pas

Posted by Rebecca on February 18th, 2011

Yeah,  you know, the cool-as-a cucumber Kim Kardashian, who always seems to be wearing a ton of makeup and some sort of black business-casual ensemble (or an off the shoulder dress, your call), well sometimes she looks freaking AWKWARD.  Especially in those Paris Hilton early years, am  I right? Here’s a salute to Kim Kardashian […]

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10 Celebrities Who Are Mad for Plaid!

Posted by Rebecca on December 31st, 2010

Plaid has been awesome since, like, the dark ages.  In our new-fangled, Iphone-addled modern times, it’s important to preserve plaid and the aura of awesomeness that it maintains.  Do these celebs give plaid the justice it deserves? You be the judge. Also, I’ll be the judge.  Hey yo! 1. Benji Madden Don’t get me wrong, […]

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QVC To Sell Kate Middleton Ring

Posted by katie h. on November 20th, 2010

(source) With all the talk about Kate Middleton’s engagment ring from Prince William, it is no surprise that a company would be quick to jump on the money making opportunity of a knock off ring.

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10 Fugly Looks Brought to You By Christina Aguilera

Posted by Rebecca on October 21st, 2010

She’s divorced, she’s gay, she’s…got bad fashion sense!  As if marring that garden Gnome Jordon Bratman wasn’t funny enough, it seems as though Ms. XXXtina is inventing herself again…like she always does, like 5 minutes after the fact. Remember Dirty, and how it was like a Britney Spears knockoff? And her wannabe Lady Gaga phase […]

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The Sparklers are out Before the 4th of July

Posted by sparky on March 10th, 2010

This celebrity-sighting season has started off with a huge sparkler, notably sitting on Hillary Duff’s ring finger. The 14-carat radiant cut diamond ring is one in a long line of huge celebrity engagement rings. Often, we get to find out the happy news only when such a jewel makes its first appearance. Some stars are […]

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