Celeb Plastic Surgery: What’s the Verdict?

Posted by sparky on May 2nd, 2013

Big stars are always under pressure to look good, no matter what industry they happen to be in. Being in the public eye so much and so often means that people start to make comments when the odd wrinkle appears, or a bit of flab shows up. So which celebs make the cut?

LaToya Jackson

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Given how addicted to plastic surgery her brother Michael was, LaToya was never going to be safe from scrutiny by cosmetic enhancement buffs.

Reportedly sharing the same surgeon has Michael, LaToya has clearly undergone some changes throughout the years. Most evident is a thinning of her nose – thin and pointy, now commonly associated with the Jackson family – and chin and cheek implants. She’s also quite clearly had a breast augmentation surgery.


Donatella Versace


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You’d be forgiven for thinking Donatella is a little older than she looks, but despite being the comparatively low age of 51, she’s started looking pretty worse for wear.

After a series of botched plastic surgeries, she’s sporting a noticeable change to her nose and lips. Despite those swollen lips, there’s never been any evidence that she is actually upset with the way that she looks now.

Cosmetic surgery is apparently a little more risky than most would have us believe: apparently, there are around 70,000 cosmetic surgeries a year at a risk of going a little wrong, according to First4Lawyers. Do you think Donatella’s are one of them?

Peter Andre

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Peter Andre has never hidden the fact that he has undergone plastic surgery a fair few times in his career. Even though he has previously asked his ex-wife Jordan to cut down on the plastic surgery, currently dating a woman 16 years younger than him has left him wondering about going under the knife again.

He’s openly admitted to taking botox injections every year to keep on top of his looks, too.


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To stave off the ravages of time, the material girl has been allegedly taking botox injections – specifically to her forehead – to keep her face looking fresh and youthful.

However, the star has always denied going under the knife, saying she owes her looks to a healthy diet and rigorous exercise regime.

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