Carrie Underwood Calls Her Husband A “Hoarder”

Posted by Katie F. on April 8th, 2011


Carrie Underwood married hockey placer Mike Fisher last summer and she’s still learning new things about him.  The two maintained a long-distance relationship temporarily and didn’t live together until this winter. Now that Fisher has been traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators, he has moved into Underwood’s home. The singer opened up about the transition during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres this week. Turns out he brought a little more with him than Carrie expected.

“He brought all of his crap with him. Our house became … he’s not a hoarder, but he’s close, maybe.”

Even when she visited his house in Canada before the move, Underwood never noticed Fisher’s packrat tendencies.

“He had it in all the guests bedrooms, and he had it boxed up and stuff. He’s like, ‘Babe, I need more space in the closet,’ and my heart just sinks.”

Apparently he continuously shops for clothes but won’t get rid of any old clothes, even if they’re stained and ruined. Carrie continued to gripe about her husband by revealing that he doesn’t even keep all of his things organized. Instead, it all lays everywhere in the house.

The country star doesn’t paint a very nice picture of their marriage. Still, she insists she’s very happy with her new husband and simply recognizes that all marriages take a lot of effort.

“It’s great. It comes with its own wonderfulness and challenges.”

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