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5 Celebrities Who’ve Struggled With Bipolar Disorder

Posted by PZ on June 8th, 2017

Revealing and speaking candidly on their struggle with bipolar disorder, these 5 celebrities have all shed some light and brought attention to the problem, explaining what they went through and how they’ve coped over the years. Some say it took them many years to realize they had a problem after experiencing manic episodes and bad […]

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Carrie Prejean is pregnant

Posted by Christine on November 11th, 2010

  There must be something in the water because fired beauty queen Carrie Prejean is now announcing that she too is pregnant, according to published reports.  Prejean, who famously made headlines with her views on gay marriage, some semi nude photos, and then getting fired for supposedly not making appearances of behalf of the pageant […]

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12 Celebrity Sex Tapes

Posted by Angela on April 22nd, 2010

Celebrity sex tapes are one of the media’s favorite things to talk about, and ours too! Some adamantly deny having one, while others have released them for their own gain, whether monetary or not. Here are 12 celebrities with sex tapes that have circulated the internet or media at some point. Kim Kardashian Kim first […]

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Carrie Prejean to wed; husband thankfully is Ram tough

Posted by MLE on February 8th, 2010

Former Miss California Carrie Prejean – whose year in the spotlight has been marked by her pronouncement of her conservative Christian values, anti-gay marriage comments, losing her crown, breast implants and a sex video for her ex-boyfriend, her writing of a book about how she was victimized by the media and more nipple slip bikini […]

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Vivid Entertainment offers Millions for Carrie Prejean’s Sex Tapes

Posted by sparky on November 16th, 2009

TMZ reports that Vivid Entertainment,  the porn company that turned Kim Kardashian, Kelli McCarty (former Miss USA) and Shauna Sand into porn stars, wants Carrie Prejean’s sex tapes and suggests that she could make millions of dollars for the deal. Of course, Carrie’s rep said “No, at any price”.  Let me interpret.  This means that […]

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Carrie Prejean: 8 Sex Tapes and 30 Nude Photos

Posted by sparky on November 13th, 2009

RadarOnline is reporting that there are 30 nude photos and eight sex tapes of former Miss California Carrie Prejean.   On at least one of the tapes she can be heard moaning.  This is exciting news.  One drawback is that they are all solo performances.   Should they really be called sex tapes?  I guess that Carrie […]

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Carrie Prejean Gives A Biblical Defense of Breast Implants

Posted by sparky on November 13th, 2009

Miss Carie Prejean was interviewed by Christianity Today and I’d like to share with you one of the pearls that came out of her mouth: Question: You wrote that you don’t regret getting breast implants. Have you ever wondered whether it might be incompatible with your Christian faith? Answer: No, I don’t think there’s anything […]

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