Cara Delevingne Comments on Bonding With Kate Moss


British model Cara Delevingne recently teamed up with legendary beauty Kate Moss for a new Burberry fragrance campaign. Working alongside each other for the first time, the two famous faces got to bond on set, and Cara has now spoken on the unique experience. She says that she found she had a “lot in common” with Kate and they were both very chatty while working on the new photographs, they even had to be stopped talking:

“We have a lot in common — mainly that we both can’t stop talking. I think in the end they liked it a lot, and they made it a part of the thing, but they had to be like, [claps] ‘Girls! Come on!'”

Cara adds that working with Kate was “special” and thinks Kate is such a talented model who does her job very well:

“It was really special, [Kate Moss] is so incredible and good at what she does. Watching her work is an absolute treat — seeing her captivate everybody.”

Speaking on what makes a good model, Cara says it’s important to be a part of the photo and to be aware of the mood, to feel it and “be present”. She said:

“It’s all about a feeling; when you’re taking photos you don’t really think about it, but you have to be there and be present. Otherwise the photos are very dead. And she’s always very much there.”

Dishing out her best tips for taking great photos, Cara says to simply make the camera your best friend:

“It depends what you want the photo to end up looking like, but I always try to look at the camera like it’s your best friend, you know?”