Camila Alves Moves Around to Be With Fiancé Matthew Mcconaughey

Brazilian model Camila Alves, who is currently engaged to actor Matthew Mcconaughey, says she now puts family first.  The couple have two kids together – Levi aged 3 and Vida who is 2-years-old. Camila comments that these days she has to choose carefully what to do because so many offers flood in at once:

“I have to always choose what I do because usually everything comes around at the same time. If I have to do a trip to New York for (home shopping channel) Qvc to go on the air, I’ll get a call that I have a modelling job in Spain or Brazil or somewhere, and Matthew will then get a call that he has to go to work. Things always happen at the same time.”

She explains that it’s really important to keep the whole family together, so whenever Matthew has to go somewhere for a job, the whole family goes with – she says that her main priority is to keep everyone together:

“One thing I have learned in my life is to put the weight into what I need to do. My main priority right now is my family and that includes when Matthew is working. We all go on the road together. We really try to keep (together) as a unit. If he’s working, the whole family goes together. That means we all move, we all get on the road.”

Camila also works on her handbag range which takes up a lot of her time, so she often has to turn down modeling jobs so she has enough time for the kids and her soon-to-be husband:

“I know I have to go to Qvc certain times during the year; I know I have development meetings; I know I have designing work. When I know that I am already getting away from my family so much (sic), being a mother and a wife-to-be, I can’t take the modelling jobs because I will be gone for too long.”