Cameron and Jessica Get the Claws Out!

Posted by Chrissie on December 2nd, 2008


Ah yes, the history behind Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel is long and strong. And it’s not as pretty as either of them are. Cameron is seen here with her current squeeze, Paul Sculfor, a man who is reportedly making her happier than a pig in mud. Enter Jessica Biel. She is hanging out and dating with the man Justin Timberlake, and she too is reportedly the source of all of Jessica’s happiness. But yes, there is your third degree of separation, as Justin Timberlake is of course, the man that we know broke Cameron’s heart. But if Cam is so happy now, why is she still all **ugh* with Jessica Biel? Who knows, but she is.

At the recent CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute evening Cameron made a point of deliberately avoiding Jessica Biel. Cameron didn’t even want to see Jessica or be any where near her vicinity, and she rushed through the back entrance of the Kodak Theater in order to prevent the run in with Jessica. A source described it as:

a careful tango to make sure they weren’t backstage at the same time

A tango? Hm. And all this over a man. And oddly enough, the man in question wasn’t even there. No. Jessica was accompanied to the event by none other than her father, Jonathan. Both the ladies were presenters for the evening, and other stars in attendance were Christina Aguilera, Salma Hayek, Forrest Whitaker, Meg Ryan, and Kate Beckinsale. And though Cameron was there with her main squeeze Paul, she still needed to do the tango in the back door. What is with THAT? Is there more to this story that we don’t know?


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