Busy Philipps Defends Naming Her Newborn Daughter Cricket


Busy Philipps recently welcomed a new baby girl who she has decided to call Cricket. Weird baby names have always been around – Holly Madison named her daughter Rainbow not so long ago and Kim Kardashian’s new arrival is the unforgettable ‘North West’, so really, Cricket isn’t so crazy? At least not in Hollywood. Maybe if they all go to the same school they band together to beat their bullies – this would obviously involve superhero costumes and look something like a live action version of The Powerpuff Girls.

The actress has tried to defend her snowflake name choice to her critics, claiming that the baby’s name won’t make that much of a difference to her life:

“It’s weird people think my kids will be in therapy because of their names. Guys, my kids will be (in) therapy for lots of reasons, I’m sure.”

Busy also thanked fans who congratulated her on the new arrival:

“Thank you all for the warm wishes for our new little ladybug! It’s been so sweet to read them all!”

The actress already had one daughter, Birdie, with husband Marc Silverstein prior to Cricket’s arrival. Cricket’s middle name was also revealed to be ‘Pearl’.