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5 Celebrities Speak on Reading Hurtful Online Comments

Posted by PZ on May 27th, 2013

For every good comment online, there is bound to be a million negative ones: just look on Youtube, Twitter or any other social site for the evidence that people seem to enjoy unleashing their troll side on the net. These 5 celebrities have all opened up on reading these horribly negative comments – either pertaining […]

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Bryce Dallas Howard is Preggo!

Posted by Rebecca on May 27th, 2011

Photo: This one is a little less, um, disgusting: Bryce Dallas Howard is adding another kid to her stable of gingers with hubby Seth Gabel. Apparently, she had a lot of post pardum depression after her first kid, Theo, whom the couple had in 2007. US reports that while it’s still to early to […]

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18 Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Depression

Posted by PZ on August 6th, 2010

Here is a look at 18 celebrities who have suffered from some form of depression at some time in their life. Some have spoken openly about their battle, such as Jim Carrey, who admitted to taking medication for his depression, while others have suffered from a different kind of depression – postpartum depression which occurs […]

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16 Celebrities With Famous Fathers

Posted by PZ on July 18th, 2010

Some celebrities have been born into a life of fame, with an already famous mother or father. Here is a look at some current stars who also have a famous father – some have gone on to be even more famous then their father, while others have just begun a career of their own. Jaden […]

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Robert Pattinson: May the floss be with you

Posted by MLE on January 4th, 2010

Robert Pattinson has taken some tabloid grief over his personal hygiene, but his “Eclipse” co-star Bryce Dallas Howard says the “Twilight” series actor doesn’t stink. In fact, he flosses. In fact, he flosses so diligently and fervently, the God of Team Edwards says he chipped a tooth flossing. That sounds impossible but he’s so dreamy […]

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