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Brooke Mueller Thinks Denise Richards is Trying to Keep Her Kids?


According to reports, Brooke Mueller believes Denise Richards is trying to keep her children away from her. She’s probably right, but isn’t it for the best? Mueller is currently undergoing drug rehabilitation at the Betty Ford center and while she’s away, Denise is looking after Brooke’s twin sons who she had during her relationship with Charlie Sheen, also Denise’s ex. Social services handed Denise the kids instead of Charlie, which actually seems like a good idea! Now, Mueller is paranoid she won’t see her kids again (or the fat check she gets from Charlie for child support!).

Denise was photographed by the paparazzi during a preschool field trip with Bob and Max Sheen, making her look like a great temp mom, but Mueller thinks it was in a bid to make her look bad:

“Denise staged the photo op to portray Brooke as a bad mother, the field trip the preschool took was to a local farm, and there were other celebs with their kids in attendance also. Halle Berry was there with daughter, Nahla, (she doesn’t go to the same preschool as Charlie’s kids) and had her picture taken also. It was a ridiculous claim for Brooke to make because there was no evidence to support her claims. Denise and Charlie have both respected the gag order and haven’t spoken to the media about the situation.”

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