Britney’s Done It Again!

Posted by sparky on October 28th, 2013


The name Britney Spears is one that everyone is familiar with, undoubtedly it’s normally to do with her breakdown in 2008 than it is to do with her music, the diva is never far from the limelight of our celebrity gossip columns, and this year is no different. In fact, the pop diva has just announced that she has signed a deal that means she will be performing all her classics, not to mention performing in her very own show, for the next two years at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Called ‘Britney, Piece of Me’, the show promises to be an action packed extravaganza that will thrill fans, new and old. Old favourites, such as Baby One More Time, will be performed alongside her more recent songs, such as Womaniser. It promises to bring the action and pimp up the Las Vegas atmosphere like no other performer before. Starting from December the 27th many fans are already calling to secure their tickets and be at this event. However, will Britney’s return to Las Vegas go as smoothly as she hopes?

We can’t help but be a little concerned for the pop icon, after all, it’s not that long ago that everything got the better of Britney and she had to check herself into rehab. Although she’s steadily climbed her way back to stability, the vibrant environment of Vegas might end up proving too much for her. Two years is an incredibly long time to keep the pace up and keep churning out show-stopping performances one after the other, which makes us worry that Britney could end up going one of two ways (neither of which are good!) – She could find the pressure too much and suffer another nervous breakdown, or she could turn to drugs in order to cope with all the pressures of constantly being on show and delivering night after night.

Another worry is that, if Britney does collapse under pressure, who knows what she’ll resort to for a release, last time it was head shaving, this time it could be casino hopping all over – who knows! She might even turn to an online casino like this time. That being said, Britney could also prove us all wrong and manage this two year stretch no problem, with her time out having been an excellent recovery period for her to get back in her stride. It all feels like a big case of ‘wait and see’, though you can guarantee we’ll see it through with Britney until the end.


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