Britney Spears Throws on a Dress for Starbucks Outing

Posted by PZ on October 12th, 2010

A distraught looking Britney Spears attempted to hide her face from the shutterbugs on October 11, 2010 while out on a shopping spree in the Beverly Hills area of California with her trusted bodyguards by her side. As no surprise Brit was out shopping for todays outfit and accessories which she found at Envie. Spears didn't seem to be in a good mood as she ventured over to the local Starbucks for a drink with smeared make up, could she have been in tears for some reason or just another day in the life of Britney? The pop princess then made her way over to De Beers jewelry store where she showed off her extensions after pulling her hair up into a ponytail while inside but let it down as she made her exit. The pop princess has been hard at work on a new album and its rumored to be the next big thing. Fame Pictures, Inc

Britney Spears was seen heading to her local Starbucks to pick up a caffeinated beverage while hard at work on her new album. Britney’s next album may be rumored to be a hit, but her dress sense is still not up to scratch. Britney dressed up in a crumpled light brown dress for her outing, which she teamed with matching brown espadrilles sandals. Thee dress is quite plain, which is fine, but it looks like it hasn’t been ironed, or has been through a bit of neglect.  At least it’s a change from hotpants, but seriously, why can’t she afford a stylist to make sure her image right?

Britney’s hair looks quite tangled and unbrushed here – there seems to be lots of extensions added, but they look quite fake and obvious. The wavy style is ok, but it ends up looking like a bit of a hair ball without any styling. This is a disappointing look from Britney – she looks unhealthy, and her style is completely out of date, untidy and unflattering.

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