Britney Spears Releases Unretouched Candies Photos

Posted by Alyssa on April 13th, 2010

The new spokesperson for the label, Candies, Britney Spears recently participated in a photo shoot for the brand sporting a pink monokini. Reportedly, the star released her own unretouched photos for the public to view, however since Spears has never issued a statement about such a release, it is questionable whether she released them herself or not.

Either way, it’s very interesting to see the photos side by side. Airbrushing in an adevrtisement is inevitable, but this really shows the extent they go to. We’ve moved past surface imperfections, like the appearance of cellulite, brusises, etc, and on to actually decreasing the size of the model.

As you can see in the photos, Spears’s butt, thighs and waist are all smaller in the second set of photos in addition to the obvious tattoo removal (I guess tramp stamps aren’t really appropriate for teenagers.) and general airbrushing. While many have to come to accept the constant photo retouching, many stars like Jessica Simpson are rejecting the process. The world-wide weight craze has truly gone too far when photo editors are actually making stars appear skinnier than they really are.

The fact that we get the opportunity to see these photos and see Brit’s real body (or what we assume it to be) is good, but then why retouch the photos in such a way at all? If we’re going to see what Spears really looks like, why not just accept her body, flaws and all, from the start? Teenage girls aren’t necessarily going to see these unretouched photos and are going to think of Spears solely as the perfectly proportioned singer they see in front of them. By continuing to distort celebrities’ true appearances, we’re only fueling the weight craze that is leaving many girls with eating disorders.

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