Britney: “Gee, I sure do love milkshakes. And that Glee show I wuz on.”

Posted by Rebecca on September 30th, 2010

Granted, not many people get a whole show of a hot television series as a tribute to them.  Still, when they do, they usually handle it with tremendous graciousness, class and aplomb.  Brit Brit?

Britney Spears is all smiles this afternoon as she and her nannies take her boys on an outing to the Topanga Mall in Los Angeles, CA on September 16, 2010  Fame Pictures, Inc


According to Star and The Celebrity Cafe, Britney was watching the show and feverishly tweeting her responses, which ranged from…

“I loved it! Thank you guys SO much for making this happen!”


“Sue Sylvester Scares me.”


“Y’all, someone get me another Frappuccino.”

Okay, not the last one. But I’m sure she was thinking it.

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