Brett Favre’s Penis: Fined But Not Forgotten.

Posted by Rebecca on December 29th, 2010

Though many of those other, inferior news sources suggested Brett Farve, the Packer traitor, Minnesota Viking Quarterback and all around Penis-shower wouldn’t be punished for those all too classy dick shots, guess what? He will be fined! FINED, I SAY! reports that Favre will be fined about 50,000 bucks and one nutsack by the NFL.  The Superficial, along with myself,  is sort of happy and sort of appalled.  I mean, Favre’s a big effing dick, but he’s not a rapist.  Does he deserve to sit out a couple of games? Sure.  Does he have thousands of dollars to pay for this fine? Probably? But he didn’t rape anyone with his dick, he just raped some eyelids via cell phone.

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