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5 Celebrities on Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Posted by PZ on September 7th, 2015

Donald Trump is running for president and celebrities have varied opinions on Trump’s approach to politics. Some just find him amusing or entertaining and aren’t taking him seriously. Others believe he’s changing politics by shaking things up and doing everything differently. There are also many who have been offended by the speeches and offensive things […]

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18 Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Depression

Posted by PZ on August 6th, 2010

Here is a look at 18 celebrities who have suffered from some form of depression at some time in their life. Some have spoken openly about their battle, such as Jim Carrey, who admitted to taking medication for his depression, while others have suffered from a different kind of depression – postpartum depression which occurs […]

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Quick Smacks: Billy Corgan Collapses on Stage

Posted by PZ on July 23rd, 2010

Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan collapsed on stage while performing in Tampa, Florida. Gossip Smashing Pumpkins Frontman Billy Corgan Collapses on Stage – Taylor Momsen Fired Her Stylist & Feels FREE! – Paris Hilton Parties In St. Tropez – And speaking of hot ass on the beach – Music DMX Separates […]

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Billy Corgan is no John Mayer

Posted by MLE on March 5th, 2010

The Smashing Pumpkin speaks with Rolling Stone about a lot of things and one of them is Jessica “sexual napalm” Simpson. “If I go, ‘Oh, we’re just friends,’ then it’s like, ‘Did they go out, did he dump her or she dump him, what happened?’ It has nothing to do with any of that. Sometimes […]

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Billy Corgan Opens Up About His Relationship With Jessica Simpson

Posted by PZ on February 21st, 2010

Billy Corgan has finally come forward about what kind of relationship he shared with Jessica Simpson. The two were spotted last December and since then, on again/off again rumours have been circulating about this unlikely match. Billy told the Chicago Tribune that their relationship was professional: “She asked me to help her out on the […]

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Smashing Bumpkin making music with Smashing Pumpkin

Posted by MLE on January 14th, 2010

Jessica Simpson and boyfriend Billy Corgan, frontman of the Smashing Pumpkins, have gone into the recording studio with producer Kerry Brown. A source said: “She has completely fallen for Billy and his easygoing, smart attitude. She says she wants to take things a lot further. Do we see “Newlyweds II” in VH1’s future?

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