Bigwigs Being Investigated in Heath Ledger’s Death

Posted by Chrissie on February 28th, 2008


Whenever someone dies of causes related to prescription medications there is going to be some fallout, for somebody, even when the ‘victim’ isn’t a major hunky celebrity. In this case, there is a doctor in California and one in Texas who are being investigated by the federal drug authorities regarding Heath Ledger’s death.It has been made official that Heath died of an accidental overdose, and the autopsy is pointing to a lethal combination of prescription drugs. The drugs in question were Oxycontin and Vicodin, two pretty potent painkillers. At the time of his death, Heath also had in his system some Valium, Xanad, and Temazepam, an anti-anxiety drug. Add this to an antihistamine used for sleep assistance, and well, it’s a pretty powerful bag of tricks to have consumed in a short time span.

Right now it’s the Oxycontin and the Vicodin that are being investigated, and it’s being questioned whether or not the prescriptions were prescribed legally or not. And I am neither a pharmacist nor a doctor, but I’m looking at this arm length list of meds and questioning the whole thing myself. Why one earth would anyone be given not one, but TWO major pain killers at the same time when they are already on a slew of anti-anxiety and sleep aids?

Hmm…makes you wonder, somebody definitely screwed up here. But me thinks this is one of those situations where we will never hear the whole story.


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