Beyonce Won’t Take Maternity Leave

Posted by PZ on September 22nd, 2011


Beyonce is refusing to take time off even though she’s pregnant. The singer, who revealed her pregnancy at the recent MTV VMAs, says that she doesn’t want to treat her pregnancy like an illness and so will continue to work as much as possible. Last night, Beyonce launched her new fragrance ‘Pulse’ in New York, while a few days previous, she was in London where her first ever fashion collection made its debut – quite a tough schedule even for someone who isn’t pregnant. Commenting on her pregnancy, Beyonce said that she doesn’t have plans to slow down anytime soon:

“When you are excited about something, you don’t have to think about your energy. It is natural and comes from adrenaline. It is important that I don’t look at this as like an illness. I am not sick. I am the same woman and I have the same passions.”

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