Beyonce is JUST. TOO. SEXY.

Posted by Rebecca on November 17th, 2010

In Europe? What? Does not computer.  Oh wait, here’s more. Mail Online says:

“A perfume commercial featuring Beyoncé has been banned from daytime TV amid concerns over its sexual imagery. The commercial, which begins with an image of the singer lying naked in a room, has been deemed ‘too sexually provocative’ to be seen by young children and will not be shown on British TV before 7.30pm.”

So, put your children to bed and pop on the tube as an ADULT,  hanging out doing ADULT things,  at night and watch another fellow ADULT take her clothes off and get good smellin’.  You know, around 7:45.

Here’s a picture. But don’t look at it unless you are an ADULT.

Racy: Beyoncé's new perfume ad has been banned from British TV before 7.30pm because it was deemed 'too sexually provocative' to be seen by young children

I’m enjoying this picture, as an ADULT, as well. You know, all classy like. Like with a glass of a chardonnay or eating some sort of food that kids think is gross.

Steamy: The commercial begins with an image of the singer lying naked in a room

You’re welcome, America.

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