Ben Stiller Won’t Work if it Keeps Him Away From His Kids

Posted by PZ on February 8th, 2013


Ben Stiller has opened up on balancing his career with his home life. The comedian actor says he isn’t keen on letting his work rule his entire life and won’t let it keep him from spending quality time with his family – he has two kids, 10-year old Olivia and Quinlin who is 7.  Ben admits that although he works hard most weeks, he does his best to get back to his family at weekends:

”When I am away, I try to come home every weekend. I don’t want to pull the kids out of school to come to the set. I try to be home as much as possible. We know as a family that we need to be together as much as we possibly can.”

Ben states that he had to find a way to manage both his work and family and before it used to be a struggle but he’s learning:

”I figured out how to manage it better. I try to find a balance in life, see what works for me and what doesn’t.”

Ben says that his children aren’t that surprised by his unique career but they do love the films he is in and he often picks roles that are fun for the whole family to watch because of this:

”My kids aren’t that impressed in terms of me being in these films. They just enjoy the movies. I selfishly like to make movies that I can share with my kids.”

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