The Beckhams Are Moving Back to the UK for Expensive School

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According to reports, David and Victoria Beckham are heading back to their native UK because they’ve found the perfect school to send their three sons. As well as that, they’ve been missing family at home since they’ve been located in Los Angeles and feel that the move will give them a chance to reconnect with those they left behind. The couple have been researching good schools in London for several months and have now found the perfect one which has a big price tag – but they feel it’s worth it for their children to have the best:

“Both David and Victoria’s families are all delighted too as a return to London means they will see so much more of the children, for David and Victoria, the children come first. They have spent months researching schools and after visiting a few earlier this month, have found one they agree on. It’s an independent school and will not be fazed by having celebrity children on its books.”

It is expected to cost the couple £45,000 yearly for all three boys to attend the new school, but that good education is worth spending on for their children to have the best possible experience. They are looking for property to move into in central London so that everyone can be close to work and with access to the new school which reportedly already has several other celebrity children in attendance – the Beckhams are likely to be their most famous yet!