Because Jessica Simpson’s Giant, Voluptuous Curls Are What You First Notice

Posted by Moxie on April 12th, 2010

So Jessica Simpson and her constant companion the Fabulous Paves were on a plane going from somewhere to somewhere else (unless it crashes, it doesn’t matter), when they tweeted these pictures of Jessica having some fun with various hairstyles, including one where she said “Carol Brady who?” Normally I think J.Simp’s pretty dumb, but props for the reference; minus Carol’s weird mullet bit, spot-on.

I’m inclined to say this one’s a wig, though. I somehow don’t see her cutting off all her hair; the look is too mature and the last thing she wants to to do is remind people she’s divorced and almost 30 instead of a teenage wetdream.

And there’s no denying that Jessica’s extremely pretty, but for God’s sake, girl, have you NEVER taken a picture without your mouth falling open? I’m going to tape your chin to your nose if you don’t quit that.

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